ArmisticeDayCelebrationbeginnerI spent last evening writing a moment from the most beautiful wedding I’ve been to in quite some time, eyes welling, chest heaving as I recalled the warmth and glow of a weekend spent with desperately loved friends.  But when I went to post this morning, my social media feed reminded me of something else, of someone else I should be surrounding with warmth, with regard and gratitude.

As an army brat, the daughter of a Colonel who served in the Persian Gulf, the granddaughter of a Colonel who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, the great granddaughter of a man whose mustard gas burns and trench foot from that first World War never quite healed, and as a physician who trained in a VA and still serves our soldiers past and present, I am well acquainted with veterans and veteran’s issues.

I am proud of those in my family, from all the families, who have served.  I am so grateful to those who currently serve.  And I am unspeakably thankful for the wonderfully complicated life we live because of their sacrifice and experience.


For cause
The ideal
A dream, that life held dead
For some, mere lottery
Youth gives way
To steeled fear
A type of wisdom
Long buttressed valor
Imminent sacrifice begets
A siblingship
A voice

From low slung couches, car seats, desk chairs, assembly lines, kitchen tables,
Business as usual
We listen

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month… ”  Happy Veteran’s Day, all.

About Gold Standard Test

Sometimes I work, and sometimes I play. Sometimes I eat, sometimes I've no time. Sometimes I know, most times I'm learning. Sometimes I laugh, at times it's through tears. Sometimes I love, amidst trying and tolerating. I strive to make a mark, but this worlds substance can be hard. And all the while, I do hope it's normal and extraordinary and, above all, enough.


  1. jan

    Lovely post and poem! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  2. I second that. Many thanks to all those in the Armed Forces, past and present! We’ll never know all the sacrifices that have made our freedom possible!

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    • Agreed. The things our veterans experience(d), endure(d), and the black bits of it they brought(bring) home with them I can scarce imagine, let alone do justice to with a simple thank you. If I could wish these things – and war, in general – away, it would be a much more lovely day. I’m left with voting in hopes to bolster the VA, supporting local assistance programs, loving on those vets I know, and buying coffee for the ones I don’t….

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  3. Great post. It always makes me happy to see fellow bloggers being patriotic!!! And thanks do much for liking my post from today!!! I really appreciate it!!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!!


    • Many thanks for stopping by and leaving kind comment. I’m also happy to see others espousing support for our troops, as well as working to make this lovely, quirky young country well worth fighting for. 😉 Good day to you, as well!


  4. I am so glad that I found your blog. You painted a series of thought provoking scenes for me – and after all – isn’t that the best use of words?

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