In Situ

EdwardTarbellContemplation (2)beginnerThere is a space in my head, tucked somewhere between that chirpy electric buzz of the everyday, the melodic echo of romanticized past, those oft harmonious notes of a rose-colored future.  It is a lovely space, if a little sparse, a little dusty, but cozy enough, lit ideally for the time of day and the mood.  In that perfect light sits something so simple, yet so central: the awareness of being, of being in situ.  Today I crawl up into that space, fold myself up to listen and look.  And I am thankful.



About Gold Standard Test

Sometimes I work, and sometimes I play. Sometimes I eat, sometimes I've no time. Sometimes I know, most times I'm learning. Sometimes I laugh, at times it's through tears. Sometimes I love, amidst trying and tolerating. I strive to make a mark, but this worlds substance can be hard. And all the while, I do hope it's normal and extraordinary and, above all, enough.


  1. I love your “melodic echo” tribute to the past. Light just makes everything better, and in some of its briefest captures we are the happiest. I am thankful I found your blog to read. Happy Thanksgiving!

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